Dracula parrots do exist and they might be the most Gothic birds out there

Did you know Dracula parrots were a thing? Well, now you know!

Usually, when we think of parrots, we envision those colorful, quirky birds. We imagine them in vibrant colors such as red, blue, green, sometimes gray. But the types of parrots are way more diverse, and they never cease to surprise us with their enchanting looks and, of course, intelligence.

Image credits: Linda De Volder / Flickr

While we may think we have seen everything, nature continues to amaze us.

The Pesquet’s parrot, also known as the Dracula parrot, is another proof of how spectacular nature is!

These extraordinary Dracula parrots can be easily recognized for their black and grey chests, pitch-black beaks, and strokes of vivid red feathers.

They are considered as large parrots, with a total length of approximately 46 cm (18 in) and a weight of 680–800 g (24–28 oz). The Pesquet’s parrot is a highly specialized frugivore, feeding almost exclusively on a few species of figs.

Interestingly, females and males look quite similar. Perhaps the only difference they have is that males have little red patches behind their ears.

Image credits: Wikimedia

Another pretty interesting fact about Dracula parrots is that instead of climbing from one branch to another like other parrots, they move by jumping. What’s more, they are one of 3 parrot species that have featherless faces, similar to vultures. How fascinating!

The most gothic parrot on Earth can be seen only in the rainforests of New Guinea.

Unfortunately, these astonishing birds have become a target for local poachers because of their unusually captivating looks. Together with the increasing habitat loss, this puts the Dracula parrots’ population in great danger.

Image credits: Rüdiger Stehn / Flickr

The poor creatures are being hunted for their highly prized feathers, which can be used for ceremonial clothing. Tragically, they become victims of cruel poachers for their meat as well. In the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species the Pesquet’s parrots are evaluated as vulnerable to extinction.

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