Donald Trump Has People Thinking His Pants Were On Backwards During Recent Speech

Were Donald Trump’s pants during his North Carolina speech backwards? 

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump went to North Carolina to give an official speech, covering topics from his defeat by President Joe Biden to China and the coronavirus pandemic. However, there was something much more disturbing than some of Trump’s claims at the event.

As TMZ remarks, the 45th president apparently put his pants on backwards, as there wasn’t any zipper in the front. Social media users were quick to turn the moment into a meme that will forever remain in history, just like all the other Trump memes we find absolutely hilarious.

Posting a photo of Trump from the speech in question, along with a shot of Mike Pence with a fly chilling on his head, Keaton Patti wrote:

“No fly on Trump’s pants? I think I know where it went.”

As CNN reports, Trump’s speech went on for nearly 90 minutes. While speaking about the 2020 elections, where he lost to Joe Biden, the former president claimed:

“I am not the one who is trying to undermine American democracy, I am the one who is trying to save it.”

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