Dog tied to a short chain cries every day while struggling to breathe in the scorching heat

Terrifying photos of a tortured dog tied to a short chain have angered animal lovers worldwide.

The poor dog is being kept dangling on an extremely short chain, strangling and choking for days. The dog and its owners live in Teloloapoan, Mexico.

The chain is so short that the dog can barely sit or stand straight. Imagine the torture of having to stand while choking and gasping for air in the scorching heat. The reckless owners, however, feel that the dog is doing just fine and that he is being taken good care of.

Bypassers in the neighborhood regularly stop to ask about the dog’s condition. One person was chased away by the owners after begging them to release the dog. The same person later posted these photos on the web, with the hope that someone may suggest a solution.

It is painful to come to terms with the realization that this poor creature might strangle himself. But hopefully, authorities or local activists will step in to rescue it soon.

Do you believe stricter laws against animal cruelty should be introduced worldwide? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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