Dog Saves Baby Parrot And Becomes Her Guardian In Life

A loving dog named Hiro has proved just how kind and sweet he is after one day his eye caught something interesting at his family’s backyard in Puerto Rico.

And he immediately let his owner, Viviana Davila know.

“I noticed Hiro licking something on the grass. Hiro licked this thing and looked at me, and insisted again by licking it and looking at me,” Davila shared with The Dodo. “That gave me the signal that there was something going on and I approached Hiro.”

Image credit: Viviana Davila

When she took a closer look, Davila realized her dog had found a baby bird in need of rescue.

“I instantly looked for a towel and picked her up,” she said. “She was very defenseless and helpless.”

Image credit: Viviana Davila

Hiro is a savior. But this is not where he stopped. 

A veterinarian told Davila that the bird was a baby Quaker parrot. She was paraplegic, probably due to her fall from the nest. That meant her chances for making it outside were next to none, and she most likely would have died if Hiro did not find her.

Image credit: Viviana Davila

But the tiny bird showed great courage and strength. And that’s why Davila named her Hope.

“The vet told us that on similar cases he recommends clients to put them to sleep,” Davila said. “However, he was surprised to see how Hope was striving to live.”

Image credit: Viviana Davila

Davila decided to make Hope a part of the family and provide her with a good life.

Following through what the vet told her, she has been feeding Hope regularly and doing all she can to make her feel cared for and comfortable.

“It has been a week and a half and she is doing far better,” she said. “Hiro has been part of that effort. Since day one he has not left her side.”

Image credit: Viviana Davila

As the gentle bird has made herself comfortable in the care of her new family, she is getting stronger every day, and Hiro has done all he can to help her recover. 

“Nothing matters anymore for him because he has a new purpose: taking care of Hope,” Davila said.

Today, anywhere Hope goes, Hiro follows.

An incredible friendship between dog and bird was born.

“Having Hope and taking care of her so far has been a really great experience,” Davila said. “She teaches us each day about perseverance, and Hiro about empathy and being a kind living creature and friend.”

Image credit: Viviana Davila

Thanks to Hiro, Hope not only lives a safe and healthy life but also has a place to call home.

Image credit: Viviana Davila

And hopefully their fairy-tale will go on for many years to come.

“We feel honored to have Hiro,” Davila said. “Although he has always been a really good boy, we are super proud of his development and feel happy to have embraced his honorable soul.”

What are your thoughts on this heartwarming story of animal love? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article to spread some much-needed positivity in today’s worrisome times. 

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