Dog Lifeguards Rescue 14 People From Drowning, Including Children

Apart from being great friends to humans, dogs can also be amazing lifeguards.

A group of well-trained dogs in Italy has been praised for saving the life of people drowning near a beach, including little kids.

It happened off the coast of Sperlonga, Italy, where according to CNN, three families ended at the mercy of the ocean after their flotation equipment started to capsize as a result of harsh wind and waves.

The group, which included children between the ages of 6 and 12, were about to drown were it not for three brave lifeguard dogs.

Image: SICS Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio-Tirreno/Facebook

Labradors Eros, Mya and Mira are a part of the Italian rescue dog school SICS, which has 300 trained dog units across 30 beaches.

The dogs were able to save all 14 family members, which, according to Italian news publication Kodàmi, took them about 20 minutes to accomplish. The dogs had to make a number of trips to collect everyone.

“The exceptional rescue … demonstrates once again, how much the presence of our four-legged lifeguards and their conductors is fundamental in difficult situations,” Roberto Gasbarri of SICS said.

The lifeguard dogs were hailed as heroes by the people.

Quoted by SICS on social media, Armando Cusani, mayor of Sperlonga said:

“Congratulations to these four-legged heroes and their conductors for this complex operation. I am increasingly convinced that the municipal administration’s choice to implement the safety of bathers thanks to the presence of lifeguard dogs, was a right choice.”

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