Do you accept your partner’s effort to repair?

What is an attempt to repair?

This is when your partner messes up and then tries to fix all the damage that has been done. Of course, this goes both ways.

These attempts don’t always meet your expectations. Even though your significant other is trying really hard to improve, if you don’t accept their way to do it, you might respond quite negatively. But if you take some time to realize they are giving their soul to make up for what they’ve done, you might see things differently.

To make your relationship work, you have to accept that sometimes people screw up. Nobody is perfect and that’s a fact. However, you need to learn how to seek forgiveness and how to accept an apology.

If you don’t appreciate and accept your partner’s attempts to repair, this might turn your relationship into history. When there is no acceptance and respect, the foundation is weakened to the minimum, or completely gone.

You need to open up to your loved one’s confessions. They have already realized they messed up. By reacting aggressively to their attempts, you won’t do any good for your relationship. And if they don’t feel accepted by you, they wouldn’t bother trying to fix things any longer.

There are certain things you can consider in case you want to understand your partner better and accept their attempts to improve and make it up to you.

1. Acknowledge your partner’s effort.

Your partner is trying to fix what they have done. All you have to do is notice their effort. It’s not always easy to admit you did something wrong. That’s the first step they have already taken to repair the damage they have caused.

Let them know you see what they are trying to do. Appreciate their way of showing you they can be better and be honest. Open your heart to them and give them the forgiveness they are seeking.

2. Focus on the good.

The universe is listening to your thoughts. When you focus on what you want and believe strongly enough, you’ll surely attract more of it. So, when you’re having troubles with your partner, and you see they’re trying to repair, give them the chance they need. Allow yourself to focus on the good in them and appreciate their effort.

Say “Thank you!” instead of holding your anger and focusing on the negative in the situation. This will not only inspire your partner to continue trying to fix things, but it will also make you feel free of all the grudges you’ve been holding.

3. Talk things through.

Whenever you’re going through some problems in your relationship, you have to talk about them if you want to solve them. You know you have to. So make sure you have a healthy communicational habit of opening up about what bothers you and what needs more attention.

This phrase may be overused, but indeed, communication is key.

Otherwise, how would you be able to repair what’s left of your relationship, if you have no idea what’s going on in your partner’s head?

Instead of picking up fights and having conflicts all the time about the same thing, try listening for a while. State your issues, but let your loved one do the same. Try to figure out how to get out of this unpleasant situation and do it together. Not only you would be able to see things from another perspective, but seeing your partner’s view will make you realize not everything is always black or white.

If you take your time to acknowledge your significant other’s effort to right their wrongs, you would see that your troubles will fade away much faster, and your relationship will only grow stronger.

Don’t neglect love just to state that you’re right in a certain situation. Having the final say doesn’t make you a better person. Take care of your relationship and listen to your partner. Forgive them when they make a mistake and appreciate their effort into fixing it. It’s worth it!

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