Delivery driver has photos of his kids on his motorcycle to remind him who he’s doing it for

Delivery driver carries pictures of his children on his motorcycle to remind himself who he is doing it for. 

Credits: Facebook

In Singapore, a FoodPanda delivery rider was spotted wearing a helmet full of stickers of his kids and a sign of the Dads for Life community. The driver also had a collage with photos of his children taped to his motorcycle to keep himself motivated, as they deserved all the hard work he was putting in as an employee of the delivery platform.

As 9GAG reports, a Facebook post by Bart Salleh, who shared images of the driver wearing his special helmet, reads:

“When I looked at his helmet, I was wondering why he did that to his daily wear… then I realised🥺 Damn bro keep going man! Be safe out here!❤️

Credits: Facebook

The story reminds us of the character Homer Simpson from Matt Groening’s iconic animated series ‘The Simpsons,’ where Homer had a wall filled with photos of his baby daughter, Maggie, with the quote: “Do it for her”

He was working at the Nuclear Plant in Springfield because he needed to provide for his family and to pay for all the debt they had. The wall with images of his daughter above his desk was there to remind him to keep going and to never even think of giving up.

Credits: FOX

Although the sign on the wall initially said: “Don’t forget: You’re here forever,” Homer arranged Maggie’s photographs so it could turn into a motivational quote. When his older son Bart asks him where did all the pictures of the baby went, Homer replies he keeps them where he needs the most cheering up.

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