Deliveroo rider FIRED for calling disabled customer a ‘stupid white b*stard’

Deliveroo driver has been fired after threatening to steal a disabled customer’s weekly Aldi shop and calling him a “stupid white b*stard.”

  • Deliveroo rider was sacked after insulting a disabled customer and refusing to deliver his order.
  • The company says they take a “zero-tolerance approach to any form of discrimination.”
  • The offended customer says he was “shocked and frustrated,” as he relies on delivery services to get food and other essentials because of his disability. 

Matt Dutton, a 24-year-old visually impaired man from Liverpool, who relies mainly on delivery assistance for food and other essentials, had an extremely unpleasant encounter with a Deliveroo driver.

Credits: Kennedy News and Media

Last Tuesday, while Matt was using the service to get £50(about $70) worth of groceries, the driver lashed out at him, demanding a “delivery code,” which he didn’t have. When he said he only had an order number, the Deliveroo employee snapped and told him to “f*ck off.”

Despite the incredibly rude response he received, Matt proceeded to ask for his food to be delivered to his address.

However, the delivery guy continued behaving inappropriately, saying: “I’m not coming, you f*cking white stupid b*stard.” He even had the audacity to tell the customer he could contact his employer if he wanted to, claiming he didn’t care.

Credits: Kennedy News and Media

Deliveroo stated they take a “zero-tolerance approach to any form of discrimination or harassment.”

As per Daily Mail, following the incident, the company claimed the rider who insulted Mr. Dutton was “terminated with immediate effect.”

Matt explained:

“I was completely stunned and my first reaction was to laugh. I wasn’t upset but I was so shocked and frustrated because I rely on these services to get my food shopping because I’m disabled.

It was my weekly shop so all the regular stuff, milk, bread, floor wipes, and bleach. I was trying to stock up because I’m visually impaired and it’s hard for me to get out to the shops.

The 24-year-old continued:

“The driver did the shop then on his way to mine he asked if I had a code to give to him for an extra security precaution. I don’t know if it’s a new Deliveroo thing but I didn’t have a code in my emails or anything.

He kept asking for it then said he wasn’t coming and wasn’t bringing my shopping. Aldi is only about 15 minutes away. He got halfway to mine and decided he couldn’t be bothered.”

In a bid to apologize to the customer, Deliveroo have promised to give him back the money and add £50 in credit for his next order. 

Matt commented:

“Shopping at Aldi, you can get a lot of food for £50 and I’d really stocked up on food and cleaning stuff so I didn’t have to go out again. 

I still don’t have any food in and I’m going to have to send a friend out to get my food shop for me. I’m really not happy with his conduct or the fact that I didn’t get my shopping. I just think it’s completely unfair.”

Matt Dutton | Credits: Kennedy News and Media

He added:

“I absolutely sympathise with the gig economy and high pressure, highly stressful nature of this job, but the people you affect are not always just lazy people who fancy a takeaway.

These services are hugely beneficial to the disabled community and I wish there were more consideration for us.

I don’t expect special treatment, but the correct treatment would be a start.”

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