Deer Plunges From 50-Foot Waterfall And Miraculously Reemerges Downstream As Onlookers Gasp In Amazement

Onlookers were in shock when they saw a small deer fall down a powerful waterfall – before suddenly reappearing unharmed. 

The animal was filmed going towards the cliff of the rushing water in Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Michigan.

In the clip, people watched in amazement as the deer made its way through the waters.

But the video then shows the deer jump downstream, likely unaware of the giant drop below.

Witnesses can be heard shouting:

“No!'”and “What is he doing?”

Fortunately, after falling off the cliff, moments later the deer could be seen floating downstream before reaching a point of safety. 

One person said, according to Viral Hog:

“I was at Tahquamenon Falls in Luce County, Michigan. There was a fawn running down the river towards us and we all thought it was so cute so I started recording.

Then I realized the deer wasn’t going to stop and it was approaching the waterfall.

It fell down the waterfall and I thought it was dead until a few minutes later when I saw it swimming again!

A big question I had is what was it running from and did it end up ok and survive?”

Another onlooker could be heard near the end of the clip saying:

“I cannot believe that.”

Tahquamenon’s Upper Falls is one Mississippi River’s largest waterfalls, measuring 200 feet in length.

See the incredible moment by clicking below.

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