Dalmatian puppy with front legs CUT OFF in a Chinese dog-meat slaughterhouse now saved by a lifelong dog lover

Two-legged Dalmatian, a victim of a horrific dog-meat slaughterhouse, has finally found a loving home. 

A three-year-old Dalmatian pup named Emma Roo had two of her legs cut off in a Chinese slaughterhouse. The terrifying scene occurred in Xi’An, China, in 2017, when Emma was only around eight-weeks-old. Not only her front legs had been removed, but the tips of her ears were shaved off and part of her tail was missing, Daily Mail reveals.

Image credits: MDWfeatures/@emmarooonlyhastwo

Luckily, the pupper was rescued and taken care of in a veterinary practice in Beijing. She had a foster home for two years, but in 2019 she was taken back to the vet center.

Being aware of the fact that adoptions of rescue dogs are not popular in China, animal activists reached out to the South Florida organization Dalmatian Rescue. Thankfully, Emma’s tragic story touched the heart of a lifelong dog lover.

Misha Rackcliff Hunt, 27, a guest services coordinator from Charleston, South Carolina, fell in love with Emma Roo. They had an instant human-dog connection. Hunt adopted the pup on April 26, 2020. The new dog owner says:

“Due to the nature of her injuries, we know that they were human inflicted. This is apparently common with ‘rare’ breeds who are dismembered and tortured.”

Image credits: Image credits: MDWfeatures/@emmarooonlyhastwo

Misha explains that due to her terrible past experiences, Emma has a fear of loud, ‘chainsaw-like’ sounds.

The poor pooch also has a birth defect – a couple of missing toes on her back paw. One of the vets who treated her said this defect was the reason she was discarded at a young age, ‘as she wouldn’t be sold or adopted’.

Ms. Hunt opens up about Emma’s emotional experience during the first days in her new loving home:

“When I first brought her home, she would scream at the top of her lungs whenever I left the room. She was always protective over her food and toys. At one point, she would even guard random pieces of my clothing because she was scared that it would be taken away. She can be wary of men too so I chose a male massage therapist who she loves seeing weekly. It’s really changed her behavior.”

Image credits: MDWfeatures/@emmarooonlyhastwo

Emma Roo was sent to the US at the end of January 2020, weeks before the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Misha continues:

“I remember first seeing Emma online – she has the most human-like amber colored eyes… I knew this dog was sent to me for a reason.”

Rescue organizations were there for Misha and Emma from the very start. Dalmatian Rescue helped her get a custom-made front wheel cart for her two-legged pupper. Joey’s P.A.W and Bionic Pets made unique prosthetics for Emma. It was all thanks to raising funds and social media awareness.

Image credits: MDWfeatures/@emmarooonlyhastwo

Emma Roo is also raising awareness and inspiring others to adopt rescue pups through her Instagram account with over 10k followers.

Misha says she established the social media page, so she could share Emma Roo’s story and raise money for her special custom-made cart. But now, she continues supporting the account, as she realized her pupper’s story is worth to be shared with the world. She says:

“It’s beautiful to see how much Emma’s personality started to shine through a little more with each day.”

Presently, Emma Roo loves playing catch and hanging out with other dogs. The love and care she is receiving in her new home help her see ‘there’s a whole world of activities out there’. Ms. Hunt shares the pooch’s favorite place has become the beach, as she loves swimming and playing in the water.

“The beach is perfect for her because she can freely run around in the soft sand. I actually cried seeing how happy she was.”

‘Stand up for those who can’t’ is the message Misha wants to send to the world.

She even sells t-shirts with this quote, donating the profits to different organizations fighting against animal cruelty.

Such cruelty still exists in China, at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, where allegedly, roughly 10,000 dogs are being slaughtered and then consumed over the annual 10-day event. Misha clarifies:

“I’m mindful of my audience, especially when children are curious, but I try to advocate as much as possible against the dog-meat trade. This practice is still taking place despite legislation to try and stop it and it’s prevalent in several countries.”

Through Emma’s story, Misha is also advocating for ‘differently-abled’ dogs. She wants everyone to understand that taking care of a pup with some sort of disability isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

“I’ve heard so many people say she should’ve been euthanized because of her suffering but when I look at this twenty-five-pound, happy and smiling dog, I can’t imagine wanting to end her life.”

Ms. Hunt advises people to seek help from organizations that can give their puppers the best life possible. She firmly believes that dogs are the real heroes, and ‘every dog deserves a chance’.

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