Dad goes viral after changing his daughter’s Disney books to remove ‘gender stereotypes’

This dad divided the internet after removing all “gender stereotypes” from his daughter’s Disney books. 

A father from Minnesota is breaking stereotypes by altering his daughter’s Disney books. In a series of TikTok videos, @dcaspers shows viewers his “Dad hack” to teach his little one not to “settle” for society’s sexist standards.

As per Daily Mail, the dad alters the plotlines of his daughter’s Disney books using his graphic editing skills. The first story he transformed was a segment of The Princess and the Frog.

Instead of Tianna baking Prince Naveen cookies and cakes, she makes nachos just for herself. 

The story originally says: “What does Tianna love more than baking? Sharing her treats with Prince Naveen!”

However, the dad switched it up to: “Excuse me, Prince Naveen. These nachos are just for me.”


Changing tomorrow starts today. #madatdisney #girldad #dadhacks

♬ Mad at Disney – salem ilese

The motto of the inventive dad says: “Changing tomorrow starts today.” 

While many people praise the TikToker for teaching his daughter not to settle for sexist stereotypes, others are slamming him for “ruining” classic fairytales.

One person questioned: “So instead of learning from history, we should just erase it and change it to fit our own likings?”

Another added: “Should I tell him about the studies that came out, showing girls into Disney princess stereotypes grew up stronger/more independent, or do you guys [want to]?”

A third defended the father, saying:

“This generation literally cancels people for the most minuscule things. Like chill, [I know] y’all part of the cancel culture but chill, it’s just a dad trying to give his daughters a loving lesson. To let them know that being a woman means more than cooking or caring for a man.”

In a follow-up video, the creative father changes details from The Beauty and the Beast. 

Instead of Belle spending hours making the Beast brownies, she “picked something up from the store” because she was tired from working all day.


Changing tomorrow starts today (part 2) #madatdisney #girldad #oatmealcremepies

♬ Mad at Disney – salem ilese

One TikToker disagreed with the dad’s narrative, noting: “There is nothing wrong with Belle making brownies, you’re going too far.”

Another said: “If my bae is sad, I’ll cook something for him ’cause the food cheers him up. Even if I’m busy, I’ll find the time. It’s called caring for someone.”

However, one of his supporters wrote:

“I would legit buy a book you edited. Please make more and sell them!”

Other fairytales the father has edited include Brave, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 

For instance, in the Brave story, Merida didn’t let her three little brothers have cookies before they help her clean the kitchen. In Tangled, instead of dreaming of winning a pie contest, Rapunzel dreamed of becoming a Harvard graduate.


Changing tomorrow starts today (part 3) #madatdisney #stereotypes #girldad

♬ Mad at Disney – salem ilese

Despite having many critics over his edits, the dad also has quite a few admirers.

One of them commented: “I really love that you do these, they are cute and inspirational. Well done dad, your daughters have a great role model in you.”

Another shared: “The amount of energy you put into raising your girls is just bringing tears to my eyes.”

In Part 8 of the fairytale series, with the help of his little girl, the father changed the ending of Cinderella. 

You know how Cinderella goes to a ball and finds her Prince Charming, which ends up being her ultimate goal in life? Well, in this edition of the story, instead of finding her dreamy prince, she falls in love.


Reply to Adding diversity to Disney #madatdisney #girldad #lgbtq

♬ Mad at Disney – salem ilese

What do you think of this dad’s changes to the Disney classic fairytales? Let us know in the comment section!

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