Dad freaks out when he sees toddler playing with tarantula

A dad literally lost it when he saw his baby daughter playing with a tarantula.

After seeing his 18-month-old daughter Blake playing with a tarantula, David Lehman freaked out. The dangerous, yet hilarious scene was caught on camera.

Credits: SWNS / YouTube

As 9GAG notes, the footage shows the toddler sitting on a patio innocently playing with an upturned coffee tin. When her dad asks her what was she doing, little Blake cheerfully replies: “Bug! Bug!”

But it wasn’t a usual bug.

The moment David sees his baby girl was playing with an actual tarantula, he flips out and grabs Blake in a bid to take her away from the dangerous arachnid. Following her dad’s panicked reaction, the toddler starts crying, not realizing what she was playing with was a venomous spider.

Credits: SWNS / YouTube

David commented:

I was expecting a beetle, as it’s that season right now, so when I saw the tarantula I just thought “get that gnarly thing away from my daughter! I tried to hit the can out of her hand but I didn’t take into consideration her toddler death grip – when I hit the can away, she went with it!

She landed on a padded grass area, the tarantula landed on her shoulder so I just grabbed her up into my arms. Once we calmed down, we eventually caught the spider and checked it out then set it free in the front yard.

Blake isn’t fazed and still loves exploring outside!”

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