Croc Hunter’s Two-Year-Old Boy Fearlessly Helps His Father Move A Massive Python Out Of The Garden

An adventurous dad has recorded the fascinating moment his 2-year-old boy wrestled a large snake out of a garden. 

Matt Wright, the modern crocodile hunter, has been catching and moving crocs throughout Australia for the past two decades.

The thrill-seeker also decided to show his son Banjo how to tackle a giant snake and even shared the heartstopping footage on social media recently.

Image: Matt Wright

The brave little boy can be seen grabbing the two-meter python’s tail with his hands and pulling it to the grass.

“Pull him out buddy, pull him out. Pull him over to the bushes,” Matt shouts in the video.

“Oh no,” the little man tells his dad when the snake starts flipping its tongue.

“Watch out, he’ll bite you. You’ve got to go for the tail,” Matt tells his boy.

The jaw-dropping footage has so far amassed more than 378K views and was followed by all kinds of reactions from commenters.

One woman wrote:

“Meanwhile in Australia.”

Another person commented:

“In America they would call child services lol.”

A third said:

“That’s awesome, like a young Steve Irwin.”


But this python is nothing in comparison to what Matt is dealing with on his TV series ‘Monster Croc Wrangler.’

Image: Matt Wright

The show follows the beastmaster through the Northern Territory as he hunts down giant reptiles from the Tiwi Islands to the Victoria River using all kinds of vehicles to help him track down the reptiles.

Image: Matt Wright

In a past interview, Matt told Daily Mail that he is aware of the dangers these creatures can pose to humans, even though he may sometimes come across as a reckless man.

“There is a certain point, the animals react to certain pressure points, and you need to know them for their reaction,” he said.

You can be around them all day but you’ve got to know your limit.

I’ve got plenty of buffer, it might look close, but I’ve got a comfortable buffer. They’re not snapping at my shirt so I’m not too close.

If I become uncomfortable or in a dangerous zone, I’ll back up and recheck myself.”

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