Creepy Footage Of Apartment With Indoor Balconies Has People In Shivers

Yes, your eyes are not fooling you, this building actually has inside balconies, for some weird reason…

Many people love balconies, and a nice view can come quite pricey, but what if the balcony is not outside at all? Apparently, such a concept exists and, as can be seen in a now-viral TikTok video shared by Rachel (@rayyy.of_sunshine).

The apartments are part of student accommodation for people who study at Virginia Tech, but Rachel has just been staying at a friend’s place there between moving houses.


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In another clip, she showed people how the apartment looks and even though it seems quite ordinary, the living room seems a little bit too dark.

However, it is also much brighter than what some other people have:

“Apparently there are balconies because some rooms literally don’t have windows and apparently, that doesn’t meet fire code. But if they have a balcony, then it’s fine because if there’s a fire, then they can jump from the balcony,” she earlier explained.

People in the comments likened it to horror movie interiors, with one saying it looks like the place where the tethered live in Us.

Another person said:

“It looks like some post-apocalyptic housing centre for survivors that still want some normalcy but can’t go outside.”


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Weirdly enough, some people have also recognized it from dreams they personally had. And after being given a tour, people said they get “terrible vibes, like dreadful,” with one person writing:

“I think the silence is what is making it even more scary.”

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