Could Modern Technology Pave the Way for a Healthier Future?

Over the last few years, the technological advancements in regards to health-related technology and devices have come on leaps and bounds. Due to the fact that potential avenues that lead towards a healthier future are constantly being discussed on a global scale, there’s a suggestion that developments within the latest technology could provide the foundations for a much fitter society in the foreseeable future.

As a result of that fact, we’re going to take a look at some of the latest devices and scientific developments that are seeking to work towards the creation of a healthier future.

DNA testing

Although it isn’t a new advancement in this field, DNA testing is an aspect of science which can now be applied to the health sector. While it has traditionally been used to discover where a person’s roots stem from, its application has also proved highly beneficial in discovering and highlighting generational health issues. Additionally, a DNA can open your eyes to the unknowns of your family tree and can be conducted largely from the comfort of your own home and thus is extremely convenient.

Of course, many genetic factors that can be revealed through undergoing a test, and while the question of, ‘is the ancestry DNA test real?’ may cross your mind, companies such as MyHeritage DNA and 23andMe, for example, are some of the best options that are currently available on the market.

Alongside discovering genetic health issues, many of these businesses provide clear results in other medical areas such as fertility issues, food sensitivities, genetic mutations, predisposition to diseases, and perhaps most importantly, risks of cancer. Ultimately, using a DNA test to uncover the prospect of any deep-rooted genetic health problems allows for greater care and preparation to be taken in order to minimize the chance of being personally affected in the future.

MyHeritage DNA, one of the many available options, is widely considered as a competitively priced option for home testing and, due to their access to billions of international records, their search will alert you of any updates by email. Furthermore, with approximately 690,000 genetic markers being checked and an average results time of three to four weeks, their basic and premium packages could easily form the foundations of families and individuals working towards creating a healthier future. Moreover, DNA testing can also assist in ensuring that people are consuming a balanced diet, with some available options detailing a plan of possible lifestyle choices to help form a more nutritious food plan.

Convenience technology

Alongside DNA testing, the digitalization of the health sector has been instrumental in modern society entering an age of healthcare devices and wearable fitness trackers. Recent innovations have had a widescale impact on how the creation of a healthier future is now being pictured, with convenience and digital technology being at its very core. Because of that, there are several available devices that have recently hit the shelves that could help with monitoring and improving daily fitness levels.

Oura Ring

Not only are healthcare devices getting simpler to use, but they are also getting smaller. While smartwatches and other fitness trackers have long been worn around the wrist, the Oura Ring looks to combine fashion and health to keep you on top of your fitness. Through its infrared technology, prospective buyers can set themselves daily goals, while also keeping track of their heart rate, meditation, sleeping patterns and much, much more. Additionally, the device is also waterproof, and its battery can last up to one week when fully charged, meaning that it doesn’t just provide substantial health benefits, but it’s also incredibly convenient to use.

The Move ECG

The digitalization of the health sector has led to the creation of several devices that could soon be integral to revolutionizing traditional hospital equipment, with the Move ECG watch being one of them. Much like other wearable ECG monitors, Move’s latest device is able to measure an electrocardiogram before then sending those results to the user’s doctor. The device combines real-time telemetry with a user-friendly supporting app. Moreover, even if your phone is flat or simply left at home, then this doesn’t upset the data as the watch has the capabilities to store the information until it is next synced with the mobile device.

Genetics and wearables could pave the way

There can be no doubt that the developments made within the fields of genetic study, and the advancements made in creating convenient, wearable technology could pave the way to a healthier future. If these two concepts were to become intertwined, then discovering and monitoring potential health issues could be easier than ever before. With DNA testing possessing the ability to notify us of any deep-rooted genetic health issues, and with wearable devices offering the prospect of consistent daily monitoring, then combating existing medical problems that have once plagued societies could soon become a thing of the past.

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