Colorized photographs of Prince Phillip show the royalty as you’ve never seen him before

Prepare to see Prince Phillip as you have never seen him before! Newly colorized photographs of the late royalty reveal fascinating details of his life. 

To celebrate Prince Phillip’s life following his passing on April 9, press agency MediaDrumWorld has edited several of his most memorable photographs.

As Daily Mail notes, in the newly colorized pictures, the Duke of Edinburgh can be seen sitting proudly in his uniform of Marshall for the Royal Air Force, playing sports, spending quality time with his family, and dancing with his beloved wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

Here are some of the most touching moments of Prince Phillip’s life – colorized. 

The young Duke of Edinburgh dressed for his role in his school’s production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, 1935 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Philip aboard the motorboat which took him to join the ship HMS Chequers, 1949 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Philip after asking King George VI for his daughter Princess Elizabeth’s hand, 1946 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Philip in his cricket whites at Arundel Castle, 1953 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Philip as Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, 1947 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
The Duke of Edinburgh saluting as he travels through Edinburgh, 1948 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Philip proudly wearing the blue uniform of Marshall of the Royal Air Force, 1953 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Phillip dancing with his wife, Princess Elizabeth, 1951 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II on their honeymoon, 1947 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II with their eldest children Prince Charles and Princess Anne, 1959 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Phillip playing polo, 1953 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Philip and the young Prince Charles, 1966 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Philip with young Prince Charles, Princess Anne and his wife Queen Elizabeth II, along with the Shah of Persia and his wife, Queen Soraya, 1955 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
Prince Philip at an impromptu bicycle polo match at Windsor Castle, 1967 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld
The Duke of Edinburgh on the banks of the River Dee in Cheshire, 1970 | Credits: MediaDrumWorld

Prince Phillip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died on April 9, 2021, at the age of 99. According to a statement by the Royal Family, the Duke of Edinburgh passed away peacefully at Windsor Castle.

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