Colorado mom adopts three biological siblings years apart

Katie Page has adopted three biological siblings – all years after each other. 

The Colorado mom adopted a little boy named Grayson in May 2017. About a month later, Page had received a  phone call regarding a baby girl who was in need of a foster home. Upon hearing this, she immediately agreed to take the child in and become her foster parent. According to PEOPLE magazine, not long after, the mother began noticing striking similarities between the two children and wondered if they could be biological siblings: “There were features on the babies that were very similar. They both have a chin dimple and the other feature is one that only a mama would see because it’s covered by their diaper!” Page followed her intuition and conducted a DNA test which proved that she was right: even though the children had different family names, they were, in fact, biological siblings. Thus, Page adopted Hannah in December 2018 in order to ensure that even though they had been abandoned by their biological mother, the two children would have each other.

Source: PEOPLE

Two years later, Page learned about Jackson: the children’s third biological sibling. 

Grayson and Hannah, now 4 and 3 respectively, have been reunited with their third biological sibling after Page adopted 1-year-old Jackson on June 25. Speaking to Good Morning America, Page stated: “The minute I held him, I was so overjoyed […] I said, ‘This is their brother, this is their family.'”  What is more, the mother explained that Jackson’s situation was similar to Hannah’s as their mother had given false information once again. In fact, the little boy was going to live with another foster family until a caseworker had thankfully stepped in and helped Jackson unite with his two biological siblings in Page’s home. In addition to this, the three children Page has adopted also have 2 more biological siblings! The five siblings are seen in the photograph below which the mom proudly shared on Instagram, expressing her gratitude.

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THIS was a dream my heart desired long before I knew these girls existed. I cried and mourned the day I adopted Grayson with the heavy weight on my heart that all I would be able to tell him was that he was abandoned just hours after birth and that I knew really nothing else about his family. • Today, THIS is Us 🥰 • Three sisters and a brother now sit beside and will grow up with him. He has more love and family members that love him than I ever dreamed possible. And the miracles along the way are more than most would ever believe possible. • These kids have the most beautiful souls and watching them together these past few days warms my soul in a way I will never forget. • #thisisus #fostercare #adoption #fostertoadopt #miracleshappen #chooselove #toddlersofinstagram #siblings #siblinglove

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Oh my, I love to dress the kids all matching ❤️ • We enjoyed the hot, sunny day on our tailgate watching @frontrange_cc at the Fairgrounds. • These suits (which actually include matching gray suit jackets) finally made their debut. We had intended them for Jackson’s adoption day but after months of waiting, I was afraid we might outgrow them so we had better bring them out! • Plus, if the adoption date we have on the calendar holds… we have a special day planned and these suits won’t fit the occasion. • It might only be weeks now instead of months that we FINALLY show Jacksons’s face! 🙏🤞🙏🤞 • Hope y’all had an amazing weekend! • #matchingoutfits #matchymatchy #toddlersofinstagram #fostercare #adoption #chooselove #momlifeisthebestlife #southernmama

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