Cockroach ‘Tidal Wave’ Sweeps City Streets In Hair-raising Footage

A video showing what has been described as a ‘tidal wave’ of cockroaches has raised the hairs on the necks of South Koreans following a deadly flood in Seoul.

Earlier in August, South Korea was ravaged by massive floods the likes of which the country hadn’t seen in more than a century.

Even though the population is used to the mess carried by the monsoon rainfalls, people weren’t expecting the nightmare they named ‘cockroach tidal wave.’

In the footage, locals of Gangham District can be heard screaming “What is that?” as thousands of cockroaches spout out from the sewer drains.


Even though the creatures are pretty common in the city, people were not prepared for an encounter of such magnitude. 

One commenter wrote:

“Why is the rent so high if I am living with roaches?”

Another person added:

“The amount of cockroaches that live under our homes is legendary.”


Over 500 citizens were evacuated and more than 9 people lost their lives. 

The rain also caused rising sewage levels, water contamination, and mudslides. Also, the ceilings of a local train station started collapsing, causing one of the lines to stop operating.

Some parts of the country saw record-high rainfall, which it hadn’t experienced since 1907.

The government’s response included a ban on ‘Jiha-chung’, which are known as basement floor-living flats, as well as plans to give people around 10 years to renovate and repurpose them for storage use.


In addition, the government seeks to help low income families who usually rent such basement-type flats with living expenses to cover their moving costs and provide them space to live in better conditions that can prevent further deaths.

See footage of the cockroach incident in the video below:

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