Cleaner Drinks Water Out of Toilet to Demonstrate How Clean It Is

Video of a cleaner drinking toilet water has shocked people on the web after she demonstrated the pureness of it.

The woman, whose surname is reportedly Luo, works at a fertilizer company in the Shandong province. She decided to do the stunt in order to impress her employers. And surprisingly, it worked. Luo’s bosses were even applauding her for drinking toilet water out of a plastic cup.

But those who watched the footage online weren’t of the same mind. Many say the company should be ashamed of itself for humiliating the woman like this.

Still, company representatives say that she did it of her own volition and noted that she has been drinking toilet water on a few occasions in the past.

A Xhongcheng Fertiliser Technology Company spokesperson said:

“This is proof of perfection she wants to show, to tell others how dedicated she is at her job.

“She wants to show she is so confident at cleaning the toilet that she can even drink the water from the toilet.”

After drinking the water, the woman can be heard saying:

“I hope that all positions in the company can do their work to the extreme.”


Some of Luo’s co-workers have said she is a dedicated employee who is extremely committed to doing her job to the best of her abilities. She has worked for the company for 14 years and they have said she is a “benchmark employee”.

On social media, reactions were mixed but mostly harsh towards the company.

One person commented on Weibo:

“People have dignity. How can the water in the toilet be drunk? Even if the drinking standard is reached, it is a toilet and insulting!”

Another said:

“This is unnecessary.”

If you wish to see the video, please click below.

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