These 15 Celtic Proverbs Will Get You Through Anything

Celtic proverbsCeltic proverbs have always been a favourite of mine. They are concise, to the point, and in my opinion, contain magic in their simplicity. I have gathered 15 Celtic proverbs that are closest to my heart; these ones have helped me through some difficult times and reminded me that I can get through anything. I hope you enjoy!

1. “The greater your destiny, the greater the price”

Sometimes we think that because the road is a tough one, that the end result won’t be worth it. We ponder the possibility of giving up and succumbing to the easier path. But as this proverb reminds us, nothing great was ever achieved through ease.

2. ” Beware what you wish for, for the Gods may grant it to you”

This one speaks volumes. Our thoughts and our wishes are more powerful than most people realize. Our wants and desires are capable of being manifested, especially if we put forth a lot of energy into them. Think about what you say before  you say it because you may just get what you wish for.

3. “A soft answer turns away anger”

In the heat of an argument or when harsh words are spoken, a gentle voice can calm the storm. Rather than fight fire with fire, use the soothing waters of your inner serenity to  speak softly. The outcome is always better.

4. “Your feet will bring you to where your heart is”

Everything that you put your energy into, the wishes you make, and the true passions you possess- your life will make these available to you along your path. The things we truly desire and that drive us will be found in our lives and we will be one with them.

5. “A friends eye is a good mirror”

Our friends are our lifelines in many ways. Especially when it comes to seeing another perspective when we need it.

6. “What fills the eye,  fills the heart”

The things we focus on and let into our lives will undoubtedly be more present in our lives. If we focus on the beauty around us and how wonderful nature is, then we start to see more and more things in our lives as beautiful. They become part of what we love more and more.

7. “Better one good thing that is, than two things that were”

Oftentimes we forget to focus on what we already have, rather than what we ‘could have’ or ‘should have’. We are alive, in this  moment we have everything we need. Indeed it is better to see that what we have is good, great, and perfect for where we are right now, than to dwell on things that can’t be changed.

8. “True greatness knows gentleness”

To be great means many different things to different folk. I think greatness means ‘to be pure and loving in all you do’. There are great leaders, great speakers, great activists and the truly great ones know that being a kind soul- a gentle soul- will help you more than brute force and harsh words.

9. “Blind should be the eyes in the abode of another”

Oh boy. You know some people go to their friend’s house, or to someone’s place and they hold judgement for what they see. We are better not doing such things. What people do in their own homes and how they live is their business, no one elses. We don’t wear their shoes and we don’t sleep in their beds. The walls of another’s home holds many secrets and we are not privy to what they keep.

10. “Character is better than wealth”

Money can buy you many things, but it can’t buy you patience, a good heart, or knowledge of right from wrong. Only character can do these things. And character will always be more valuable than money.

11. “There is no joy without affliction”

We can never know how good something is without first experiencing something that was bad. We have to feel pain to understand how wonderful pleasure is. We have to go through unpleasant times to receive the benefits of joy. It’s universal law.

12. “Without knowledge of the past we shall lose the future”

We all make mistakes. It’s a fact. What isn’t a fact is that everyone learns from their mistakes. Yet we must. In order to facilitate a prosperous future, we must keep our mistakes in the back of our mind to remind us that we have already been down these paths and it is time to try a different one.

13. “If you do not sow in spring you will not reap in autumn”

How can anyone expect to get something they want when they don’t work for it? We must put forth effort and plant the seeds of our desires. If you want to be healthier, you must decide to eat healthy foods and change your patterns. If you want to learn more about ancient history, you must read books and continue to teach yourself new things. Our goals are on us to reach.

14. “A man may live after losing his life, but not after losing his honour”

A person who lies or breaks promises intentionally or misuses others trust, these are things that count as dishonour. When that person passes on, they will not live in this world any more and their stories will not be shared. Their name will not be spoken with love and memory. A person who lives a life of kindness and genuine truth will always be in the hearts of others- even after they pass.

15. “When wrathful words arise, a closed mouth is soothing”

Angry words are spoken and often angry words and rebutted. A better option is to say nothing. Silence is key in  many situations. By keeping a closed mouth and biting your tongue, your are able to let the other person vent and you are not responsible for anything anyone else says, only your own words. Better to remain silent than to apologize for letting your anger get the best of you.
I hope these proverbs have helped you in some way today. I know they helped me. Enjoy the rest of your day and remember that we are all humans- full of mistakes and learning experiences. Just try to be a better person today than you were yesterday and things will inevitably resonate with a higher frequency.
Written by Raven Fon

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