Burglar escapes from jail and then pops up on Facebook to celebrate his engagement

A wanted burglar who escaped jail in October was spotted on Facebook announcing his engagement. 

Sam Hawkins, who became a subject of a manhunt after fleeing from prison last month, appeared on social media celebrating his engagement to his fiancé, Danielle Foster.

On October 9, the criminal, who was sentenced to 9 years behind bars in 2019, announced his plans to marry Danielle via a Facebook post from prison. The following day, he jumped over the fence at HMP Sudbury in Derbyshire.

Credits: Facebook

As per Daily Mail, Hawkins was last seen hiking down the A515 towards the Peak District town of Ashbourne. Interestingly, he was not alone. A fellow escapee named Darren McKay was on the run alongside the burglar.

The UK police have been searching for the “dangerous criminal” for over a month. Meanwhile, they have been warning the public not to approach him in case they see him.

But Hawkins’ recently made a rookie mistake that exposed his cover.

His fiancé added a temporary profile picture to her Facebook page on her and Sam chilling on a bed. What’s more, Danielle also tagged him, adding four blue hearts to express her love for the burglar.

Credits: Facebook

A source told Mail Online:

“It’s crazy. Danielle has four kids and only got with him whilst he was in prison. She has never seen him on the outside so this picture must be recent. Up until now the only pictures she has shared of him are ones from prison calls.”

Credits: Facebook

Hawkins specialized in ramming shops and ripping out ATMs as well as residential burglaries. His crime spree lasted from September 2017 until his arrest in December 2018. He was part of a seven-strong south London gang who were jailed for a total of almost 50 years.

After the group was put in jail, the residential burglaries in the area dropped by 25%.

Derbyshire Police and Miss Foster have still not commented on the development of the story.

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