4 Keys to Fixing a Broken Relationship

When your relationship is bending and breaking, it can feel like it is going to collapse at any time. All relationships require work, love, patience,e and effort from both people to succeed – especially when trying to mend a broken relationship. Not all relationships have to end badly, though. When it feels like you relationship is splitting at the seams, here are some things to keep in mind to pull things back together:

Remember Why You Fell In Love:

Before letting go, ask yourself: “why did you fall in love with them in the first place?”. Remind yourself of the person you first fell in love with. Remind yourself of the memories you’ve built together. Can you honestly just walk away from those? Try to take a step back from your daily life and think about what you enjoy about your partner. This helps you to set aside your ego and will help you to remember why you are in love. You can go to the place where you met them or read the love letters you wrote to them. Most importantly, give yourself a chance to remember the happy memories you had with them.

Focus on Communication:

At the core of many relationship problems lies a fundamental failure to communicate. When your relationship is on the rocks, more than ever, it’s time to communicate. It’s funny how many issues can be resolved with the right kind of communication. Developing the patience to listen to your partner, even if you can’t agree with them, is crucial to the process. Hear them out. Don’t end your relationships due to simple misunderstandings. Many times, relationships end or hit rough spots when there is not MUTUAL communication going on between the two parties. Take some time to talk with your partner about what is bothering in your relationship, and more importantly, how it could be resolved. If you’re not talking about what’s bothering you, it’s impossible to fix it.

Start Forgiving:

Fights are common in a relationship, especially when you are in a troubled relationship. It’s time to stop fighting and to start forgiving. With effective communication, you can get to the root of hurtful actions and resolve them. I know, sometimes it is hard to forgive them for hurting you, but forgiving each other is the crucial part of mending a relationship. Again, putting your ego aside is important if you want to hold on to the relationship. Remember, no one is perfect. Without forgiveness, there wouldn’t be a single working relationship – ever.

Give Them Some Space:

You can’t hold a leash over the other person, just because you are with them. If you are serious about mending your relationship, give each other space and time to heal. Respect their privacy and trust them. If you are really serious about fixing the relationship, stop being clingy. Do you know the advantage of spending some time alone from each other? It makes the two of you realize just how important you are to each other and how much you miss the other person’s company and conversation.

More Things to Keep in Mind:

* It takes two people to mend a broken relationship. If you are the only one trying to save things then you will never succeed. So make sure if the other person wants to fix the relationship, if they are not interested, it’s time for you to move on.

* Stop arguing and start listening to what your partner has to say. It will help you to figure out what is going wrong in your relationship.

* Whatever you do, don’t try to make him or her jealous, it’s like adding fuel to the flames.

* Be positive in all aspects of your life including what you say, how you act, what you do and how you think to fix the broken relationship.

* Think about the good qualities he/she has that originally attracted you to them.

* When your partner says something, make an effort to listen to them without arguing.

* Sexual problems will eventually affect most relationships, so practice intimacy.

* Always remember to express gratitude by thanking them when you’re feeling loved.

* Get clear on what you both desire from the relationship.

* Never get caught up in your own emotions, try to see the world from your partner’s eyes.

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