Britney Spears Says She Is Unfixable And Often Cries Herself To Sleep

End of last year, pop star Britney Spears broke free from a conservatorship that lasted over a decade. 

However, her life has been far from a fairy tale since…

Recently, Britney made a social media post that now seems to have been deleted, saying that there is ‘no way to fix’ her, adding that she often cries herself to sleep.

“It’s crazy… social media… everybody’s life seems so perfect and when I post things I think most of the time I’ve been utterly and completely embarrassed of my past… and who can forget those documentaries,” the popstar wrote.

She went on to say that she tries everything she can to keep her spirits high, but the journey isn’t easy.

“So yes, I do try and post me looking my best or what it may seem to be the good life… well, the truth is, my spirits are better but I will forever be traumatised by my past experience for life.”
“There is no way to fix me, my emotions and my sensitivity… therapy, all of it !!! I think I will need some sort of miracle for my emotions,” she added.

“I cry myself to sleep most night… I’m insecure as hell… I don’t know how to have good posture unless I’m on camera and I need to go to a school just to be taught how to freaking walk”.

Britney Spears was released from her conservatorship in 2021, ending her father’s control over her. Image via BBC

Fans were quick to express their support for the singer.

“We love you no matter what,” one person commented.

Another fan added:

“Being strong enough to share your vulnerabilities is inspiring”.

Group LA/Disney Channel via GI

In her post, Britney also revealed that her life on stage has always been an act, and as a consequence she lost touch with her real self.

No matter the situation, Britney has many people who love and support her and will stand by her side while she recovers from the nightmare she recently broke free from.

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