Bride Sues Prominent Wedding Venue For £150,000 After Slipping On The Dancefloor

A bride is suing a famous wedding venue for a whopping £150,000 after she slipped and fell on its smooth and “twinkling dance floor” and broke her elbow.

Cara Donovan, 35, says employees at the Leez Priory did not take precautions to stop people from bringing their drinks on to the laminated plastic floor, as was recommended by the manufacturer.

The mother of two also claims the tables were situated at the edge of the floor encouraging guests to dance and drink, and when drinks were spilled on the floor, servers did not clean the mess.

Image: Champion News

Even though she underwent three operations since the September 2018 accident, Mrs. Donovan is still in pain and unable to return to her job as a special needs teacher.

Image: Champion News

She has filed a lawsuit against Country House Weddings Ltd, which operates the 16th century Tudor manor house, previously voted as the UK’s best Wedding Venue.

Image: Champion News

In more detail

Mrs. Donovan’s barrister Philip Goddard said:

“During the evening, guests would go on to the dance floor — either to cross it or to dance — holding glasses of drink and occasionally spilling drink.

“The dance floor became wet with patches of spilt drink. Its underfloor lights made it difficult for those on the dance floor to see spilt liquid on the surface.

“At about 10pm, the claimant went to dance. She slipped in the spilt drink, fell and fractured her right, dominant, arm.”

The Leez Priory. Image: Champion News

The consequences

According to Mr. Goddard, the injury is preventing Mrs. Donovan to drive, write, use a computer, as well as use any machinery that requires two hands.

The company’s defense on the case is not yet clear, and Mrs. Donovan’s claims have thus far not been tested in evidence by a court.

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