BOTCHED: Half Of A Woman’s Face Paralyzed After She Had Filler Injections

A 29-year-old Chinese woman’s left side of the face has been paralyzed after she had wrinkle filters injected at a beauty clinic. 

Medical experts believe the condition may not be curable.

Last September, Ms. Zhao, 29, from Hangzhou, sought the services of a cosmetic clinic for a procedure she had done a number of times before – face-wrinkle-removing fillers.

But sadly, this time things went horribly wrong.

One week after she got the injections, she woke up with half of her face paralyzed. She now has a permanent frown on her left brow and her mouth is crooked. In addition, she cannot close her left eye and her mouth, is unable to properly chew food or drink liquids, and is forced to use a straw.

“Every day I see myself in the mirror with an expressionless face and I just want to die,” Ms. Zhao told Chinese site

The woman was diagnosed with facial nerve paralysis, also known as facial paralysis.

Sadly, the experts could not confirm how long it would take for her face to recover or if it would go back to its normal state at all. The process of recovery could take months, maybe even years, and there is also a chance that she will remain in her current state.

Ms. Zhao told the media that she used the services of the clinic many times and that she had such filler injections done a number of times before.

The last procedure, however, one of the two doctors who did the job, she had never seen before. She is of the mind that the new doctor is to blame for her condition.

The lady filed a complaint against the clinic after two parties failed to reach a compensation agreement.

A clinic spokesperson said that her medical diagnosis did not cite cosmetic fillers as the reason for her paralysis, so the company cannot compensate Ms. Zhao.

She has since filed a lawsuit against the clinic and the outcome of the situation will be decided by the court.

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