6 Easy Steps To Boost Your Attractiveness

Beauty is a different concept for everyone. Each person has their own idea of attractiveness.

When it comes to body type, clothes or hairstyle opinions may vary immensely. However, there are personality traits that could also make you beautiful in the eyes of others. Individuals who are charming and possess magnetism always stand out from the rest and make a positive impression on people.

These 6 easy steps, could help you to boost your natural magnetism and make others like you:

1. Socialize actively

Socialize with people, talk to them, be available either for a friendship or for a small talk . Especially when you are in a social setting. You shouldn’t stay in the corner far away from the others. Express your mood, communicate actively. Talk and interact. Show the others around you that you are an impressive person. Find someone interesting and start chatting with them. Tell something about yourself or find a topic to discuss. Remember, demonstrating your availability for contact might boost your popularity.

2. Pay attention to body language

Pay attention to your body language as well. Try avoiding gestures that might mean you are not in the mood to make new acquaintances. Don’t put your hands in your pockets or hide them under your coat. This way you unconsciously tell the others that you aren’t ready for communication.

On the top of that, these poses make you less attractive.

To show your availability, stay with your hands in sight and your torso open. When you talk with someone don’t touch your purse. Better put it over your shoulder. Don’t play with your cell phone. You shouldn’t make gestures while you talk either. This kind of body language could make you more attractive because it shows that you are available and interested in making new friendships.

3. Try to be interesting for the others

Try to hold the interest in yourself. This you could do by ending your communication at the point where you are still interesting to the other. Your conversation partner will be anxious to meet you soon, in order to hear more of what you could tell them. Remember, your attractiveness increases very much if you are constantly present in someone’s mind. Another tip to remember. Don’t worry that people will lose interest in you if you are not that well-built or don’t live up to impossible beauty standards. Research proves that attractiveness might come from our personality and character as well. It consists of confidence and satisfaction. It is revealed when we show the world that we feel well in our own skin. And when we can make others feel comfortable.

4. Be an active listener

People are usually interested in themselves. So if you are a good listener, you could become attractive very quickly. Another thing you should do while listening is to show that you understand what the other is talking about.

This is called active listening.

Repeat the information you’ve received. Then pose questions to show that you feel interested. Respond if appropriate, but pay close attention to the other person. Don’t just wait for the time when you have to speak. If you meet the same person again, make a small reference about things you’ve discussed. Showing them you remember all the details from your conversation might seem a bit too personal. However, one or two facts they’ve shared with you reveal that you are interested in them.

5. The first impression matters

It’s true that the first impression plays a crucial role when others form an opinion about us. A recent research revealed that people estimated the physical attractiveness of another man or woman in not more than a second! In places like schools or offices, this might take about 20-30 seconds though. Since people study or work in these institutions, they are not that predisposed towards romantic contacts.

Try to be in a good mood whenever possible.

This could help you make a positive first impression. People are attracted to natural beauty and character. So don’t act as someone you’re not. Always be confident and demonstrate your most attractive qualities. You never know who you can meet behind the corner.

6. Draw attention

Some people don’t like standing out. They prefer to get lost in the crowd and not to attract people’s attention. Yet the most effective way others to like you is to do exactly the opposite! Try to be interesting. Everyone is curious to learn new stories or gossips. And a mysterious, attractive person is always someone to think about. When you are at a party or at a boring business cocktail, listen to the others. And you’ll see that most of them are always repeating the same monotonous phrases

Have we met? How’s your wife? …

This makes conversations and interactions tame. In such a situation you could easily stand out if you tell an interesting story or ask the other about their hobbies for example. Say a funny joke or an original story. And you might quickly become the most popular person in the room.

If you want to increase your attractiveness, don’t hesitate to follow these 6 easy steps.

You should see a positive difference shortly.

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