Being “Raised Right” Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Drink, Party, Smoke, Or Use Swear Words…

Being Raised Right Is How You Treat People, Your Manners, And Respect

What does it mean to be “raised right?” Does it mean you’re a good boy or girl? What exactly does “good” mean anyway? That you go to church on Sundays, that you don’t swear or drink, that you don’t smoke or party? What kind of values does a person who was “raised right” have?

There are people out there who try to force their idea of what “values” are, well, valuable. But in reality, the idea of values and being raised right is incredibly subjective. It could mean two radically different things to two different people. In a way, neither is right and neither is wrong.

Passing judgement on another because you think they weren’t raised right is actually probably a sign that you were the one raised to have poor values. Here’s the truth of the matter:

You were raised right, not raised fake.

People who drink, smoke, party, and have the time of their lives are expressing themselves and living life the way they see fit. To be something else to fit into someone else’s idea of being “raised right” would mean that you weren’t raised right but in fact raised to be fake.

Some people have excellent impulse control and really take a lot away from living a calm, relaxed life filled with good choices. But not drinking when you want to and not cursing when you feel like is denying a part of yourself that you wish you could be. That fakeness doesn’t help anyone, especially you.

You know people deserve respect.

Ask about “family values” and you might get a range of definitions of what it means. I don’t know about the family values in your home, but in mine, family values means loving people and respecting them for who they are. Not passing judgement for deciding to live a different way or appreciate life in a way that we don’t.

All people deserve respect. They deserve the ability to live a high quality life filled with love and prosperity. Our judgement, especially when it comes to life in the form of new laws, takes that right away from people. If you feel like people don’t deserve respect and to live a life of dignity, it’s not the cursing partyer who wasn’t raised right.

You were raised to do no harm but take no shit.

While you know that everyone deserves respect, you know that you also deserve respect. The one who was raised right knows that you should do no harm but you should also take no shit from anyone else. If someone judges you and says you were raised wrong, cut them loose from your life. They aren’t needed.

What you really need are genuine people who are true to themselves and to you. Honest about what they are and what they want to be. Those who weren’t raised to be something counterintuitive and fake.

So whoop it up. Curse, drink, smoke, have a ball. And don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, because you were definitely raised right.

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