Balcony Full Of People Collapses In Terrifying Video

A terrifying clip shows the moment a balcony full of people fell apart in Malibu, California. 

A witness said, as per CBSLA:

“We heard a crackle, and I literally saw all of my best friends and my girlfriend fall 15 feet onto the rocks.

According to the emergency services, about 15 people were gathered at a beach house on the 20500 block of the Pacific Coast Highway last Saturday when it collapsed, dropping them onto large rocks below. Four people were put in a hospital, two of whom were in critical condition, and five more were cared for at the scene. Thankfully, there were no casualties.

“The game literally gave way,” the witness added. “It could have been a lot worse, but it’s pretty awful.”

The beach house owner told the publication she rented it out to a group of people for the weekend and warned them against throwing parties because the place has a 6 people max capacity. 

And when neighbors notified her that there were about 30 people in the house, the landlord immediately started calling them. She said she repeatedly asked the guests to leave, but no one would listen. About 15 minutes later, the balcony crumbled.

Emergency services have since declared the house uninhabitable.

“Down there are jagged rocks, big rocks, so a very dangerous situation,” said Ron Haralson of the LA County Fire Department, as per KTLA.

The owner said the place was also vandalized during the crazy event. However, she says her heart goes out to those who were hurt.

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