Attorneys Find The Parents Of 105 Separated Migrant Kids In One Month

Attorneys from Washington D.C. working to reunite children with their parents separated during the previous administration reported finding the parents 105 children recently.

The committee of people working to unite the families said it still had to find the parents of 506 kids, down from 611, as of January 14.

According to the attorneys, the parents of around 322 of the 506 kids are believed to have been deported, making it much harder to locate them.

The attorneys are not required by the judge to state how many of the families have been reunited.

President Biden’s administration recently put together a task force that will be responsible for reuniting families separated during the Trump era, mainly under the “zero-tolerance policy” of 2018.

Attorneys are now representing the separated families and doing everything they can to get them back together.

They said they are ready to work with the task force.

Justice Department attorneys said they’re hoping the task force will “resolve many — if not all — outstanding issues” concerning the lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of California, that gave fruit to the reunification process.

One of the reasons it has been so difficult to find the parents is that many people agreed to be sent back to their country without their kids in order to give them a chance to stay in the United States to claim asylum, their attorneys have said.

Lee Gelent, an attorney who represents the families and deputy director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, has said the mission of the task force should be to bring the deported parents back to the United States under special protections to reunite with their kids.

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