“ANYBODY WANNA DIE NOW?” Screams angry female driver while pointing a gun out on a busy LA intersection

“ANYBODY WANNA DIE NOW?” A female driver pointed a gun out her window car in an attempt to scare people off and merge into a busy LA intersection. 

On Tuesday, an LA woman pointed a gun at other drivers while trying to merge at the Fairfax Ave and Olympic Blvd intersection. The unnamed female was held up at a stop sign. As her impatience grew, she grabbed a handgun and threatened to shoot.

Credits: TMZ

What’s more, as TMZ reports, she even fires straight up through her sunroof.

A video of the chilling moment was recorded at 5:30 PM PT on April 6. The footage starts with the woman shouting at someone off-camera. The furious female driver then grabs a handgun, loads it, and points it out. As she does, she screams:

“Anybody wanna die now? Anybody?”

The irate woman then unloads her weapon through the sunroof of her car and says: “Get off my way!”

Although the driver does not seem to hurt anyone, her threats are terrifying enough to scare everyone off.

The video also shows the female throwing handgun signs while saying: “The cow jumped over the moon.”

Credits: TMZ

Reportedly, she was in the middle of a serious mental health episode. Besides, she also claimed she was the daughter of famous rapper and producer Dr. Dre, which was not confirmed.

According to law enforcement sources, police eventually detained the shooter without further incident. She was charged with felony negligent discharge of a firearm. Officers reported that she fired as many as five shots.

A similar scene occurred in Memphis earlier this week. An enraged woman shot at Burger King drive-thru employees for making her wait too long. Police working on the case reported that the unnamed female grabbed a gun from inside her car and fired shots through the window aiming at the staff. Thankfully, no one was hurt during the heated altercation.

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