Animal rights activist facing up to LIFE behind bars says punishment “will never compare” to the horror animals face

Animal rights activist, who may face a lifetime in jail, says whatever her punishment is, it “will never compare to the needless violence we force animals to endure.”

  • Leah Doellinger, founder of Meat the Victims, may face up to a lifetime in prison for her 26 charges related to her protests for animal rights.
  • Nevertheless, the activist says her sentence is nothing compared to “the needless violence” animals are constantly suffering.
  • Since 2016, Doellinger’s organization has rescued thousands of animals all over Australia. 

Leah Doellinger, 31, an Australian activist and founder of Meat the Victims, is at risk of facing stern charges related to her protests for animal rights. In the last five years, she has faded a total of 26 charges for entering or being in premises and committing indictable offenses, possession of things used in connection with unlawful entry, general biosecurity obligation offense provision, and more. According to her attorney, the minimum she could expect to receive is a conviction and a suspended sentence, but she could also spend the rest of her life in prison, depending on the judge’s decision.

However, the 31-year-old animal lover believes that her sentence would be nothing compared to the horror animals are experiencing on a daily basis. In a heartfelt interview with Unilad, Leah shares she would never stop defending the lives of the helpless creatures in the so-called “happy family farms” because she “cannot bare to live in this world while others suffer at the hands and wallets of my species.”

The Meat the Victims founder’s life mission is exposing the appalling conditions animals in the food and agriculture industries are victims of. She and other activists are showing the horror these innocent creatures are experiencing by breaking into farms and exposing footage of the dreadful scenes they uncover. They have also rescued “thousands of animals from abusive facilities all over Australia.”

Animal agriculture has done a “brilliant job of hiding and normalizing heinous crimes against animals and our beautiful planet,” Leah claims. 

The animal liberties advocate stresses that “animal rights have never been taken seriously,” adding:

“I think the majority forget that we ourselves are animals. Non-human animals feel suffering, pain, love and joy and yet we force them into existence just to condemn them to suffering, violence and murder.

We exploit them for entertainment and profit. We rip their hair from their screaming bodies and take the skin from baby calves for clothing and accessories and we torture them in labs.”

Leah, who has been passionate about animal rights since childhood, says that the legal ways to protest against animal abuse are not powerful enough for the masses to “see or hear” the brutal reality of the issue. Hence, activists are forced to “break the law and show the consumers what they are paying for.”

The Meat the Victims movement has become global and resulted in 23 actions in 11 different countries.

The founder admits she has “really no idea what will stop” her from defending the rights of those who cannot defend themselves. She believes it was her public defiance of the law to rescue animals which “created a domino effect of others having the courage to disobey the law, save who they can and share the truth.”

Leah insists that humanity needs “to take responsibility for the needless violence and cruelty we are paying for.”

Leave animals alone.
They are not an ingredient, they are each somebody. We are born animal lovers, not killers.”

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