Why Being With An Alpha Female Is The Best Relationship You Could Have

Why Being With An Alpha Female Is The Best Relationship You Could Have

Describing the alpha female is not an easy task.  However, defining the many ways she will enhance your relationship is a piece of cake.

When you meet an alpha female, you know it. You feel it. She has an air of confidence about her, complimented by her independence and intuition. While some might call her “bossy,” she is actually self-assured. She goes after what she wants, takes what she needs, and leaves everything else that doesn’t serve her. It is her strength and character that make her the best all-or-nothing partner you could ask for.

Let’s be clear about one thing: she is not your saviour, or your mother. It’s true that pretty much all of us bring some unwanted baggage into relationships, but the alpha female isn’t going to solve your problems for you. Instead, her unwillingness to participate in anyone’s drama (including yours) will help you to blaze your own trails, and find your own answers.

An Alpha female will challenge you in more ways than one.

Primarily, she will challenge you to challenge yourself, she won’t accept your excuses, and she doesn’t stand for self-sabotage.  It is because of these things she doesn’t allow, which will inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

Avoiding mind games and manipulation, the alpha female knows where to focus her energy- and it isn’t on trivial insecurities.

She doesn’t want to control or change you; she has already seen the strength within you and will help you remember it when needed. Keep in mind, she needs an equally steadfast partner who will hold her accountable when she needs it too.

Strong women like this don’t fall for underhanded behaviour. Passive aggressive speaking, dishonesty, and general mind-f*ckery won’t be tolerated. Self-respect is imperative. They want (and deserve) a relationship where both partners can lift each other up during their times of weakness.

If she trusts you enough to let down her walls, and bring you into her world, then she knows you are strong enough to handle what you might find there. She is a realist, and will “tell it like it is.” Remember, she knows you can handle her exactly as she is, and she will undoubtedly return the favour.

Alpha females usually get a bad rap. Considered “bitchy” or “pushy”, they aren’t seen as fun-loving and friendly as their Beta or Omega counterparts, which is inaccurate.

It is a new breed of woman- an empowered, intelligent, self-assured woman- the alpha female.

By Raven Fon

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