Alligator attacks its handler at children’s birthday party

An alligator attacked its handler in a shocking scene in front of a group of children. 

Credits: Now This

The terrifying incident took place at the Scales and Tails reptile center in Utah during a children’s birthday party, Now This reports. The alligator suddenly grabbed the handler’s hand and pulled her into the pool, seconds after she commanded it to move back to the water from the platform.

At the moment of the attack, a man can be heard calling for help: “Hey, we got trouble in here!”

Thankfully, one of the visitors jumped in the tank to help. Donnie Wiseman selflessly rushed to save the handler.

Credits: Now This

Wiseman wrestled the enraged animal until it released its jaw, where the employee’s hand was stuck. Another visitor named Todd Christopher reacted quickly and pulled her out of the pool.

Luckily, Wiseman was able to escape the tank unharmed. Meanwhile, Christopher’s wife, Amy, gave the handler first aid while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

Credits: Now This

In a social media statement, Scales and Tails Utah expressed their gratitude for the guests who saved their employee. The company, which assured the handler is expected to make a full recovery, said:

“We want to send a huge shoutout to Donnie Wiseman and Todd & Amy Christopher! We want to thank them for their heroism.”

Credits: Scales and Tails Utah / Facebook

In a follow-up post, they gave their followers information about the alligator’s current status:

“Many have asked us about Darthgator and what will happen to him. While he continues to be under our care, no harm will come to him. We have never been under the illusion that he was a cuddly creature. He is an alligator and a wild animal at heart. Darthgator was just being an alligator. Lindsay, our injured trainer, is adamant the accident wasn’t his fault and should not be harmed or killed, as well.”

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