Alaska Will be the First US State to Allow Public Use of Legal Marijuana

Alaska Will be the First US State to Allow Public Use of Legal Marijuana

With many states like Colorado and Washington fully legalizing marijuana, Alaska is becoming the first state to take the next step and legalize public use. In a 3-2 vote, The marijuana Control Board changed the definition of the term “in public” to include consumption in shops where marijuana is sold. This landmark decision has come before any of the legal weed shops are even open, but it is still a revolutionary vote in the legalization of marijuana in the US.
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In Colorado and Washington, the first states to legalize marijuana, if you are 21 you can purchase it legally but have to use it at home. Alaska’s lawmakers have decided that just like you can buy a beer and drink it in a bar, you can buy marijuana in a store and smoke it right there. There is still some debate over what else “in public” will include. Imagine a holiday party at the office complete with a bong! One of the biggest complaints about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington has been the fact that there is nowhere to smoke what you can legally buy. Those complaints come largely from the tourist industry that has seen a boom in business from the legalization of marijuana.
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Another interesting aspect of the debate of what “in public” will include involves the use of CBD oils as well. The pending legislation will discuss things like CDB oil usage in schools, and other public places, and is important because of the myriad of health benefits associated with CBD oils. As it stands right now, Alaska is taking huge strides towards making marijuana more user-friendly. With the revenue explosion that other states are already seeing from the legalization of marijuana, it’ll be interesting to see how this change in policy supports that revenue. Alaska: America’s Amsterdam.

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