The Art of Aging Gracefully

The Art of Aging GracefullyI was blessed to have had the opportunity to grow up with my great-grandfather, Cletus Augustus Bristol – who lived to be 105 years old, as a part of my life. The knowledge that he shared with everyone around him was irreplaceable. I mean, imagine a man who was born in 1902, lived through the great depression in Texas, and was too old to fight in World War II. One of my favorite tidbits of Texas-inspired knowledge he shared was when someone asked him how many cattle he had. He simply said, “if you know how many cows you have, then you don’t have enough.” Think about it…
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I think if I took one lesson from my great-grandfather, it was that if life is anything – it is an amazing journey. Aging is a part of that journey that no one can avoid. It is a process that has nothing to do with wrinkles or grey hair; aging is about enjoying the journey for what it is. In the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s final episode of the popular radio show called Wiretap, host Jonathan Goldstein said, “It’s all about growing up and how that process never ends.” WireTap put together this beautiful farewell video, that stands to remind us of how aging is just another beautiful aspect of the beautiful journey that is life.

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