Adorable moment as puppies stick their heads under a fence to say hello to their new cat neighbor

WATCH the heartwarming moment as three little puppies stick their heads underneath a fence to welcome their new neighbor – Billy the Bengal cat. 

Credits: Viral Hog

A touching video of three adorable Sydney puppies is winning hearts over the internet. The clip shows the pups sticking their tiny heads in a desperate attempt to play with the cat next door, Billy the Bengal.

The nosy puppers, one of which appears to be a German Shepherd, can be seen poking their cute noses under the fence.

Credits: Viral Hog

While the German Shepherd seems to have managed to get its whole head underneath, the one on its left is clearly still struggling.

Meanwhile, another one of the four-legged cuties, which appears to be a Staffie-type breed, is one paw ahead of its buddies.

Credits: Viral Hog

Billy’s owner said:

“They are 3 new puppies. Billy plays with them under the fence and the puppies always stick their heads under the fence to watch Billy and look for some love and attention.”

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