A Single Kiss To The Forehead Can Do So Much More Than A Kiss On The Lips

“Guys who kiss girls on the forehead are the sweetest and the best gentlemen you can ever have.”
― Moosa Rahat

Most people don’t realize just how deep and meaningful a forehead kiss can be.

It can make us feel so loved and appreciated, but what is the reason behind this? Actually, there are a number of reasons.

Kisses on the forehead can mean many different things and are, in a way, much more personal than other types of kisses. And below, we have listed the reasons why the forehead kiss is so special.

1. It shows a deep emotional connection

The forehead kiss can show that you and another person are deeply connected on an emotional level without having to be too intimate. A strong emotional connection can also be very unexpected and thus overwhelm a person with what we like to call butterflies.

2. It makes you feel loved

A lot of people find the forehead kiss to be a unique way of expressing love. It can make you feel as if you’re truly being appreciated for everything that you are. And it lets you know that the person kissing your forehead truly cares about you.

3. It communicates so much with so little

Depending on the circumstances, a kiss on the forehead can express so much more than words ever could. You can sense in your heart exactly what that person is trying to communicate even if they don’t utter a single word.

4. It shows you’re being appreciated

If you receive a kiss on the forehead it often means they appreciate you for being the person that you are. It could also mean that they’re simply appreciating what you’ve done for them. It is a very special and flattering way to show appreciation.

5. It shows adoration

A forehead kiss is a unique physical connection between two people who have affection for each other. It can say “I think you are special” in a highly flattering way, which can, in turn, elevate your spirits immeasurably.

6. It shows that they’re thinking of you

When someone you respect or even your significant other comes over and kisses you on the forehead, it communicates, in a warm and unexpected way, that they truly care for you, and that you have a special place in their heart and mind. And the only reason they did it is to make you feel appreciated and cared for.

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