9 surprising traits revealing you might be a hidden genius

You might be the next Albert Einstein! Yes, you! 

Regardless of the type of intelligence you own, whether you are nature smart, good with numbers, excellent at learning new languages, or a sapiosexual, you might be a genius without even realizing it.

Here are 9 surprising personality traits that may reveal your hidden intelligence:

1. Do you have intelligent conversations with yourself?

Don’t worry, you are not mad. You are simply the owner of a hyperactive brain. So, next time you get caught up in your own ideas, philosophies, or even an argument with yourself, know that you are not insane – you are intelligent!

2. Are you an overthinker or an over-worrier? 

Those who tend to overthink are usually much more imaginative and creative than others. After all, how can you come up with a million different scenarios for one single situation if you don’t have imagination? This is proof that being an over-worrier isn’t necessarily a bad trait. In fact, it probably hints that you are a hidden genius.

3. Do you find yourself constantly seeking comfort in books?

Reading is one of the most incredible forms of learning. It helps you expand your horizons and get to know various worlds and cultures without leaving the comfort of your home. Moreover, it makes you reach parts of your mind you never knew were there. Your eagerness to read is a clear indicator of your intelligence. Of course, reading is not the only form of gaining new knowledge, so even if you are not into books, you might still be a mastermind.

4. Do you get excited about exploring the unknown?

Curiosity is not an annoying trait – it is a wonderful gift! It means you are passionate about constantly learning new things, exploring the world around you, and going on exciting adventures. You may be asking too many questions sometimes, but that’s only because you crave discovering new things, which is a clear sign of your intelligence.

5. Do you love challenges?

If you love challenging your own potential, trying new things, diving into the unknown, you might be much more gifted than you believe. It takes courage and a lot of intellect to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. So, if you are a thrill-seeker and you love engaging in activities that help you improve your capabilities and broaden your limits, you are most probably the brainy one in your circle.

6. Do you get easily distracted when it comes to everyday things?

Usually, highly intelligent people are concerned with finding the meaning of life, figuring out what triggers certain reactions, empathizing with others’ pain, and many other things that require a great level of brainpower. As their minds are troubled with such complex matters, it is only natural that they get distracted when it comes to everyday things. Sure, you may sometimes forget where you left your phone, but it doesn’t mean you are completely absent-minded. It only indicates that you are thinking of other, much more significant things.

7. Do you have social anxiety issues?

People high in intelligence often suffer from social anxiety. In case social gatherings and setups raise your anxiety levels within seconds, then you are most probably one of those people. There is an undeniable connection between genius and stress, so if you suffer anxiety attacks more often than your friends, this may indicate that you have a sensitive but well-developed mind.

8. Do you have trouble following trends?

Perhaps following the latest trends just isn’t for you. Maybe the brand new Kardashian clothing line is not something you are excited about. And that’s perfectly fine! Because the fact that fashion trends don’t affect you means that you are aware that there are much more meaningful things in life. So what if you are lazy about fashion? Steve Jobs used to wear the same outfit every single time, and he is still one of the most eminent geniuses the world knows.

9. Are you prone to addictive behavior? 

This is undeniably a sensitive topic. However, it is no secret that some of the most brilliant artists and scientists have struggled with addiction. Sometimes it boosted their creativity, other times it helped them ease their loneliness. Whatever their reasons were, profoundly intelligent people like Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, Sigmund Freud, and even Steve Jobs are known for their desire to experiment with highly addictive substances.

In case you can relate to this trait, know that while it may indicate you are a genius, it also means you are following an extremely unhealthy path that may lead to irreversible consequences.

Now that you have read these 9 odd traits showing you might be a genius, what do you think? Could you be the next Einstein? Or perhaps Marie Curie? Leave a comment to let us know!

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