8 Signs The Person You Love Does Not Love You Back

Sometimes, no matter how much we love someone, we have to let them go.

We all know that we have to fight for what we want and who we love. However, we cannot make someone love us. If you have fought relentlessly and you do not know what more you can do, it is time to consider the possibility that the one you love is incapable of loving you. Of course, this will be a heartbreaking realization; nevertheless, it is one that will set you free.

There are 8 signs that your partner is incapable of loving you.

1. They never fight for you.

Are you disappointed because they never seem to reciprocate the effort you put into the relationship? Someone who loves you will fight for you. If the one you love would rather leave than stand by your side and fight for the relationship, you deserve more.

2. They never own up to their mistakes.

Eventually, everybody ends up accidentally hurting the ones they love. While it is normal to make mistakes, it is not normal to never own up to them. If this person struggles to apologize and admit when they are wrong, they value their ego more than the relationship.

3. They do not communicate properly.

For a relationship to work, partners need to learn how to voice their concerns, talk about their emotions, and work through issues. Of course, there cannot be proper communication if one person refuses to put in the effort.

4. They do not want to introduce you to their friends/family. 

When someone truly loves you, they want to make you a part of every aspect of their life. This means introducing you to their friends and family. If your partner does not want you to meet the people who are closest to them, they probably do not see the relationship lasting.

5. They are selfish. 

Love is selfless. When you are in love, your partner’s happiness becomes one of the things you value most. Subsequently, you do everything that is in your power to make sure that their needs and wants are being met. If your partner only cares about themselves and never takes your feelings into account, you need to reevaluate the relationship.

6. They are not trustworthy.

Your partner is supposed to be the person you trust more than anybody in the world. They are supposed to be there when you are struggling and they ought to keep your secrets. If you do not trust the person you love, you cannot have a successful relationship.

7. They do not respect your boundaries.

When someone loves you, they make sure you feel comfortable and respected. Just as you would respect your partner’s emotional or physical boundaries, they should honor yours too. If they do not, let them go.

8. They are always looking for something more.

They not only feel unfulfilled in the relationship but they also think you are not enough. This will leave you hurt and confused as you struggle to understand what more you could do. The truth is that someone who loves you will never make you feel worthless. Instead, they will show you that they appreciate everything that you are.

Although it will undoubtedly hurt, you need to step back and be honest with yourself. If your partner does not love you, it is best to let them go.

Just like everybody else, you deserve to be loved. 

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