76-Year-Old Woman Believed To Be Dead Wakes Up Moments Before Her Cremation

An elderly woman from India, who was pronounced dead after testing positive for coronavirus, gave her loved ones the shock of their lives when she awakened moments before her own cremation, according to reports. 

76-year-old Shakuntala Gaikwad from Baramati had tested positive for Covid-19 a week ago.

When her condition started worsening, her family drove her to the hospital on May 10 but they were not able to secure a bed for her due to all the wards being used to their maximum capacity.

76-year-old Shakuntala Gaikwad is currently receiving medical care at a hospital in Baramati. Image: India Today

And while they worried while waiting outside in a vehicle, the woman lost consciousness, which led her family to believe she had died.

They then brought her back home and began cremation preparations, but just before the funeral bier was about to be ignited, the lady opened her eyes and started crying, as per local media. Policeman Santosh Gaikwad confirmed the factuality of the story.

The lady returned to the hospital for further medical attention, Dr. Sadanand Kale of Silver Jubilee Hospital, told the press. Information about the woman’s current condition has not been disclosed.

The country is still being crippled by the coronavirus.

India is on a constant wave of new cases and deaths every other day as people are having a difficult time finding hospital beds and medical care.

India has reported more than 24 million cases and more than 270,000 deaths thus far, as per Johns Hopkins University. According to experts, the actual numbers could be about 10 times higher.

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