7 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Might Betray You

Unfortunately, no matter how much you trust someone, they can always betray you.

Everybody in your life is capable of betraying you. Whether it is your partner, your family, your friends, your coworkers, etc., you can never be certain that they will always have your back. Getting over betrayal can be difficult and it can seriously impact your ability to trust people in the future. After being betrayed, you might struggle with trust issues and you will find letting people in more difficult. For this reason, it is best that you take note of the 7 behaviors that reveal somebody might betray you.

If someone does one or more of these 7 things, take extra care.

1. They act out of character

You are most likely familiar with the way the people who are close to you behave. Therefore, it is easy to recognize when they begin to act differently. If somebody has been acting strange and you cannot quite seem to understand why, it could be that they are hiding something from you. Being distant and secretive for a prolonged period can be a red flag.

2. They are too nice

While it is true that some people are just surprisingly nice or friendly, there are people who seem to be too nice. More often than not, they try to seduce you with their kindness and flattery so that they can scam you or guilt-trip you into doing something for them.

3. They hide their screens

Would you close your laptop or hide your phone every time your partner walks into the room? If not, it is probably because you have nothing to hide. Your partner’s constant fear of being caught should make you question what they are hiding.

4. They lie to you

Have you caught your partner or your friend feeding you lies? This may come as a shock if you have put your trust in this person. Moreover, it can be especially devastating if you confront them and they lie to you more than once. The minute a person begins lying, distance yourself to protect your happiness.

5. Your friends constantly warn you

Have you been told that your partner or your friend is doing or saying things that would hurt you? If so, you should confront them and be careful when listening to their excuses. Do not allow yourself to get manipulated or tricked by the things they say.

6. They avoid plans with you

If your friend suddenly stops inviting you places or begins avoiding plans with you, you should be wary. Ask them if you have done anything to offend them and if they are upset with you. If not, being distant and acting suspiciously is a huge red flag.

7. They become abusive

When confronted, some people may turn things around and put the blame on you. If you ask them why they have been acting so odd lately, they might manipulate you and make it seem like it is your fault. In doing so, they believe that they turn the attention on you and remove your doubts about them. More often than not, after abuse comes betrayal.

If you have doubts about somebody in your life, confront them. There is no use in living in fear and anxiety (especially when you might have misunderstood a situation). In any case, exercise caution and protect yourself.

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