6 types of relationships with the highest chances to be long-lasting and stable

What is the right formula for a healthy, long-lasting relationship?

How can you tell if yours is going to pass the countless tests of time and love? These are questions almost every person in a relationship has asked themselves at least once.

But do we have the answers?

Here are 6 types of relationships that have the highest chances to be successful and long-lasting:

1. Relationships built on trust.

You may have read or heard this one before, but it’s true – trust is a fundamental part of any relationship. If you don’t trust each other, the bond you share can never be strong and lasting. Both of you need to be reliable, genuine, and trustworthy with one another to build solid foundations of your future as a couple. Keeping secrets, telling white lies, or hiding your true feelings will only push you towards the edge.

2. Relationships based on forgiveness.

Damage control is crucial when it comes to keeping your relationship stable. In other words, the way you deal with your problems as a couple is one of the elements that determine whether your bond will last or not. One of the healthiest ways to resolve your relationship issues is to talk things through, understand each other’s sides, and give forgiveness to one another. Trying to attack one another often leads to unwanted, heartbreaking results. Simultaneously, holding grudges for one another, instead of properly communicating your problems, can severely damage the connection you have built.

3. Relationships encouraging adventure.

Many long-term partners are suffering from a lack of excitement in their relationships. After a significant amount of time passes, the thrill slowly fades away. The spark is barely there. However, couples that know how to keep themselves away from boredom by being a little more adventurous are often those whose relationships pass the tests of time. By throwing themselves in new experiences and doing things they truly enjoy, these lovebirds definitely know how to keep the spark alive.

4. Relationships built on intimacy.

One of the essential elements for cultivating a thriving relationship is sensuality. In other words, if you want to keep your relationship healthy, your sex life needs to be good. Scientifically speaking, during sex, your bodies release oxytocin – also known as the ‘love hormone’. So, the more you practice physical intimacy, the more ‘love’ you give to one another. Of course, if there’s anything that concerns you, you should definitely discuss it with your partner and try to reach the best solution possible for both of you.

5. Relationships with a shared future.

Couples who have similar perspectives about the future tend to have healthier, longer relationships. When you and your partner are having the same or complementary goals and are going in the same direction, you are more likely to stay together longer. On the contrary, if you have entirely different views about the future, you may find it difficult to keep your bond from tearing apart. It all comes down to one simple thing – what place does your partner take in your plans for the future?

6. Relationships open to vulnerability.

Many relationships fall apart due to fear of commitment, hesitation to opening up, and emotional insecurities. It all happens because of an intense fear of vulnerability. Simply put, people are afraid to get hurt, so they choose to be distant and share little to no personal details even with their romantic partners. Sadly, this fear of letting others inside your world often leads to the inability to fully commit to a relationship. But if you choose to show your most vulnerable side to your partner, and they do the same for you, you will reach another level of devotion and will grow as a couple. Knowing that someone loves you with all of your flaws and imperfections is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Truthfully, any relationship is at risk.

You can never know if you and your partner are going to be together forever. However, if you are fully committed to one another, you have a great chance of growing together and sharing a long future as a couple.

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