6 reasons why your BLUNT friends are your BEST friends

Your blunt friends are the most real, honest, straightforward people you know.

They are not afraid to tell it like it is and face the consequences of their tough love. Sure, they might not be amongst the most gentle and sweet friends you have, but they are definitely the most authentic ones.

Sometimes in life, we need someone to tell us the raw truth without sugarcoating the harshest details. In such moments, we need a real one to candidly tell us what’s going on, no matter how much it may hurt. That’s exactly what your blunt friends do and why you should genuinely appreciate them.

Here are 6 solid reasons why your blunt friends are your best friends: 

1. They crack the best jokes.

Having sassy friends is a blessing because these people definitely know how to have fun. They always tell the best jokes. Their unique sense of humor gives you stomachache from laughing out loud for hours. Whenever you’re about to hang out, you always know you’re going to have a great time in their company. And the best thing is that they can always make you smile, even when you’re feeling down. Sometimes they might use tough love to help you face your problems, but when they see what you need is a good laugh, they know how to cheer you up.

2. They are the most genuine people you know.

You know someone is real when they stand by you even in your darkest hours. That is exactly why your blunt friends are a treasure. They have your back 100 percent, and you know in your heart that you can trust them with anything. Besides, they truly care for you, even if they are not the most affectionate human beings you know. They might be savage, but their love for you is one of a kind. Most importantly, you can always count on them, and they would always be there for you whenever you need a real friend by your side.

3. They tell it like it is.

Sugarcoating the truth is one of the things straightforward people despise the most. That is because they don’t have time for figuring out colorful explanations and excuses. They just tell things as they are. And that is one of the many reasons your savage friends are your best friends. Not only will they tell you exactly what’s going on, but they will never lie to you only to make you feel better. They are well aware that the truth hurts, but they also know that when lies pile up, the pain is unbearable. So, don’t be mad at your candid friend for being outspoken because they do it, so you don’t have to live in a lie. Besides, the sooner the truth comes out, the better.

4. They truly know what they want from life.

If you seek motivation, observe the way your blunt friends are handling life. You will soon realize that they don’t wait for anything to happen to them. Instead, they work hard for what they want, and they pursue every single goal they have with an awe-inspiring ambition. One of their greatest quality is that they know what they want from life, and they are not afraid to chase it. What is more, when they are truly passionate about something, they are more than happy to share it with you. That is because they cherish you, and they know you are going to support their dreams as a best friend would do.

5. They are not afraid to admit their mistakes.

Every single person makes mistakes. That’s what makes us human. Sadly, many times these mistakes hurt the people we love. But every decent individual, especially your blunt friends, will be brave and honest enough to admit their wrongdoings and apologize for them. Their strong sense of justice would never allow them to lead you on. Plus, having in mind that forthright people always say what they are feeling, you should know that they would never hide anything from you.

6. They welcome change with open arms.

Your sassy friends are also amongst the most intelligent people in your circle. They have surely been through a lot in life, which has made them realize that change is inevitable, even if we don’t want to accept it. So they welcome change and face every challenge life brings them with an open mind. This trait of theirs has the power to move you and motivate you to become more broad-minded and agile when it comes to pursuing your own goals and dreams.

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