$400K Lamborghini destroyed after racers try to grill meat through the exhaust

Chinese racers totaled a $400,000 Lambo after trying to grill meat through the exhaust. 

What is the first thing you would do if you had a $400K Lamborghini? These car enthusiasts, for example, tried to grill meat on the vehicle’s exhaust. However, their awesome idea didn’t go as planned.

Credits: YouTube

In a recently posted video, some Chinese racers can be seen trying to cook meat on a Lamborghini Aventador’s exhaust. While their plan seemed absolutely thrilling at first, it ended like a crime scene.

Although for a few moments everything seems to be working out just fine, the situation quickly changes as a cloud of smoke erupts from the engine.

Some speculate the car broke because of the way its powerful V-12 engine works with the coolant lines.

As Unilad explains, if the Lamborghini is accelerated while it is cold and the thermostat is closed, it will cause a lot of pressure on the coolant lines. In the video, it seems that the pressure is building up, and the coolant tank breaks, followed by a cloud of smoke. Many viewers comment that the blood-red coolant streams that covered the floor beneath the car made it look like the Lambo was bleeding.

Credits: YouTube

However, some believe that the vehicle is probably fine and would only need a few light repairs. Still, imagine how much a light repair would cost for a $400K race car.

Others have criticized the owners for depreciating the car:

“If he doesn’t understand what that’s doing to the car, he shouldn’t have it. One of the worst things you can do is repeatedly rev a car in neutral. It’s not designed for that, especially a Lambo.”

Apparently, this car enthusiast does not value his car as much as that Zimbabwe man who nearly starved to death so God would give him a Lambo.

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