3-year-old girl rescued after 91 hours under rubble following Turkey earthquake

A 3-year-old girl has been saved four days after a powerful earthquake shook Turkey and Greece. 

Videos showed the child taken out from under the rubble of a collapsed building in Izmir, Turkey.

The little angel was wrapped up in a blanket before being taken by an ambulance while people clapped and cheered for her.

Thankfully, the child was not injured.

Reports say she had been stuck for about 91 hours after the earthquake hit.

Nusret Aksoy, one of the people who rescued the child, said he heard her screams and asked his team members to be silent while they try to pinpoint her location.

Eventually, they saw the girl’s arm stuck between the rubble.

She was found in a collapsed kitchen area and was protected by a washing machine and dishwasher.

The rescuers said they saw her waving and she told them her name, adding that she was alright. She then asked for water and ayran (a yogurt drink).

One team member said:

“She smiled; she was waiting for us.”

Mayor Tunc Soyer said on Twitter:

“We have witnessed a miracle in the 91st hour.

Rescue teams pulled out [the] four-year-old alive. Along with the great pain we have experienced, we have this joy as well.”


Sadly, her mother was reportedly found dead a little later.

A teenage girl was reportedly also saved in the area, 17 hours after the earthquake, along with her dog.

“I am very happy. Thankfully my father was not at home. My father couldn’t fit there. He would hurt his head.

I am tiny. I am short, so I squeezed in and that’s how I was rescued.

“We stayed home with my dog. Both of us are well,” she said speaking from the hospital.

Last Sunday, a 70-year-old man named Ahmed Citim was also saved from a destroyed building 33 hours after the earthquake befell the country.

He said he “never lost hope’, as he was pulled out from the rubble.

Recordings showed him being carried on a stretcher to be treated for his injuries.

For France24’s report on the story please see the video below.

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