10 Ways To Stop Being Pessimistic

Do you always expect the worst and see the negative side of everything?

If so, you may be a pessimist. When you have a negative mindset, you are not shocked by bad news. In fact, you expect the worst of everything and everyone. While you might tell yourself that this helps you protect yourself, it actually does the opposite; that is, we attract the energy that we give off. In other words, when you think negatively, you attract negative energy. Simply shifting your mindset can change your entire life.

How can you stop being pessimistic?

1. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

Admittedly, this is easier said than done. However, if you are more mindful of your thoughts, you can notice and stop them. When you catch yourself being cynical, hit pause. Then, try to replace the thought with something positive — anything you can think of! At first, this will be challenging. With time, your brain will get accustomed to changing negativity into positivity. In turn, you will become more optimistic.

2. Practice gratitude.

We are often cynical and pessimistic when we are not aware of our blessings. If you make a gratitude list, you will see that you have so many things to be grateful for. Instead of complaining about everything you do not have, count your blessings. They will remind you of just how lucky you truly are.

3. Understand that setbacks are not failures.

If you always view obstacles and challenges as failures, you will never be happy. Change your perspective and realize that life is full of ups and downs. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Encountering setbacks should not make you quit. Failure is a part of life and it is not a reason to give up. Every setback is an important lesson; a lesson that makes it easier for you to achieve your goal as long as you do not give up.

4. Volunteer and help others.

Being kind to others and trying to help people in need will give you a sense of purpose. Everybody needs to be a part of something bigger than them in order to see what is truly important. The problems we face on a daily basis are trivial when we put things into perspective.

5. Silence your inner critic and get creative.

Being creative can help you get rid of the negative energy that resides within you. Find an outlet such as writing, drawing, painting, etc., that will allow you to channel your negativity into something external. When you get rid of this energy, you will become more open to positivity. In addition to this, you will have created something that you are proud of.

6. Speak to yourself as you do to the ones you love.

When your friends are feeling upset, what do you do? You comfort them. You show affection and care. You remind them of everything they should be proud of. Do you do this when you are upset? No. Talk to yourself the way you talk to the ones you hold dear. Show yourself the same kindness and compassion: you deserve it.

7. Don’t label yourself as a pessimist.

If you identify as a pessimist, you will never allow yourself to be anything else. Do not put such a negative label on yourself. If you want to see the world in a better light, you can. Make sure you are not the one standing in the way of your happiness.

8. Surround yourself with kind people.

Having friends who are constantly spreading rumors, gossiping, and talking poorly of others will bring you down. When you surround yourself with positive people who only speak and do good, you too will become more positive. The people we spend time with have a huge impact on the way we think and feel.

9. Consider seeking therapy.

If you cannot stop complaining and thinking cynically, consider seeking therapy. Having someone who will listen to you vent and rant can help you let go of all the negativity you bottle up inside. More importantly, they can help you find other ways of dealing with your thoughts.

10. Practice mindfulness. 

Engage in meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. These practices can help silence your mind as they bring your attention to feelings rather than thoughts and worries. Mindfulness can make you feel calmer and more at peace. Subsequently, it fills you with positive energy — energy that is then converted to positive thoughts and actions.

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