10 Telltale Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

“By noticing and processing so many details around them — not to mention their own internal thoughts — highly sensitive people are doing far more cognitive work than most others. Being overstimulated and frazzled is something anyone can identify with, but for HSPs, it happens much more easily.”
— Andre Sólo

People who are highly sensitive (HSPs) see the world with different eyes.

As a consequence of differences in their biology, they are more prone to notice subtleties and process information on a deeper level. They are usually creative, empathic and insightful, but also more likely to succumb to stress and be easily overwhelmed.

Even though being an HSP is nothing unusual, it is often misunderstood because only 15 to 20 % of people can be categorized as highly sensitive.

Are you a highly sensitive person?

If you can see yourself in most of the following signs, there’s a strong possibility you are an HSP.

1. You withdraw often

Introvert or extrovert – whatever category you fall into – you see yourself needing a lot of time to recharge your batteries alone. You often find yourself isolating yourself from the rest of the world at the end of a long noisy day in order to unwind and regain your wasted energy.

2. You are a deep thinker

When life deals you some unfavorable cards, you retreat deep within yourself, thinking through all aspects of how you ended up in this situation before you take appropriate action. The little things in your own life and other people’s lives can impact you greatly.

3. Your levels of empathy are extremely high

You possess a strong ability to sense other people’s feelings, needs, insecurities, and more. Your emotional intelligence and elevated levels of empathy make you a master communicator, conflict resolver, and you often inspire others to action. Sadly, you may also slip into people-pleasing and putting the needs of others first while neglecting your own. 

4. Unexpected, loud noises startle you

For instance, a loud vehicle suddenly roaring by your window may shake you out of your boots.

5. You pay strong attention to detail

You are as sensitive to details as you are to feelings. You often see things other people miss, and you are not satisfied until you’ve come to the bottom of things. This is a special power that is extremely precious.

6. You have a hard time swallowing negative feedback

As a highly sensitive person, you react more strongly to criticism than others. Hence, you may do all that you can to avoid being criticized, such as by working extremely hard which, in turn, leads to burnout and energy loss.

7. Your inner world is extremely colorful

Thanks to your deep processing, you have a rich and vivid inner world. In your youth, you may have had a number of imaginary friends, enjoyed fantasy role play, and were/still are, a big daydreamer.

8. You are great at problem-solving

Commitment and dedication are qualities that, as an HSP, make you a great team player. You always pay attention to your surroundings and can effortlessly sense brewing conflict, solve complicated problems, and spot unusual opportunities.

9. Crowded office work drives you crazy

Your heightened sensitivity to other people, loud environments, and other noticeable distractions make it almost impossible for you to work with efficiency in an open office space. You are much more productive working in an isolated area or from home.

10. You have great manners

Your strong awareness of other people’s emotions makes you highly conscientious. You analyze deeply how your words, actions, and behavior affect those around you and have the proper manners to show for it. You also get extremely disturbed when other people show rudeness.

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